Nicola McCaffrey - Psykolog, Coach, Familieterapeut, Kognitiv terapeut, Mindfulness-lærer MBSR, Parterapeut

Nicola McCaffrey

Psykolog, Coach, Familieterapeut, Kognitiv terapeut, Mindfulness-lærer MBSR, Parterapeut

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Providing therapy services to individuals, couples, families and organisations for psychological matters relating to wellbeing. Nicola McCaffrey - Psykolog, Coach, Familieterapeut, Kognitiv terapeut, Mindfulness-lærer MBSR, Parterapeut


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Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside

I understand that it can be difficult to find the right help when thinking about tackling distressing issues. I offer psychological assessment and treatment for a wide range of emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties. My philosophy is based on the belief that you are the expert of your own life and have many coping mechanisms already at your disposal. My aim is to help you to refine these coping strategies, improve your well being and quality of life, and to be available for further support if you need it. I am based in the city of Stavanger, Norway, but I also offer online therapy so location is not an obstacle to receiving high quality psychological care. 

My Story, Background & Inspirations

Hello I'm Nicola...

People often ask me how I came to be a psychologist. The truth is, I am entirely unsure how this happened myself! I grew up in a small town in Scotland, spending some years living in the middle east with my family when I was younger. My inspiration to become a psychologist came to me late on in my high school years when I saw many of my friends and family struggling with their own challenges and issues. I too of course struggled! Seeing and experiencing the different ways in which people coped with life challenges was inspiring. 

I studied my first Psychology degree at The University of Edinburgh and afterwords I gained my Doctorate Degree from The University of Glasgow.  My education was the platform from which my passion and drive to help others grew and continues to grow. Every day find myself  genuinely fascinated by human beings and I am incredibly privileged to have met some of the most awe inspiring people in my clinic room.

In 2008 I began my working life in Aberdeen in Scotland working as a Clinical Psychologist with the National Health Service (NHS). Along side this I started my own Psychology Practice. Working privately provided me the many different dimensions and challenges that I thrived on and ultimately learned a huge amount from. The variety of settings also meant I gained experience working with children, adolescents and adults of all abilities offering psychological assessment and treatment for a wide range of emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties. 

After five years of both public and private practice in the UK my family life brought me to Norway where I have been running my own private practice since 2013, providing a range of psychological assessment and therapy services to the English speaking international community. 

Working and living as an expat myself I am particularly interested in finding solutions for the many challenges that can be faced whilst living abroad. This experience, as well as giving me the ability to empathise with my clients, gives me a real life understanding of the unique situations expats face.

I continue to be inspired through the works of some amazing people including Brene Brown, Andy Puddicombe, and Esther Perel. If you haven't heard of them already I urge you to go and pick up one of their books!

I am passionate about my work and the people I meet. I like taking the time to explain and discuss the complexities of the human condition in simple words. I enjoy helping people all over the world feel understood, confront their joys and their pains, and be a part of their motivation to change. 

Thanks for reading my story. Now perhaps you can begin yours...


Couples therapy clients - ""She helped us to see ourselves from a neutral third party's perspective. She was insightful and empathetic and we felt she was on our side. Thank you so much Nicola, for being part of our journey.""  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon. - "I instantly felt comfortable and in a safe supportive place to talk openly and freely"  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon. - "There are a lot of great parts to focus on, but the most amazing and important part for me was the identification of the Core Beliefs, and then how to heal them. Other parts, that has changed my life completely, are mindfulness, compassion, empathy, love and "healthy adult". First for the self, to then be able to feel this for others too. Dr. McCaffrey is warm, loving, attentive, intellligent, very talented in what she does and I am forever grateful for the gift of therapy that she gave me. It is also very inspiring to meet someone who lives after the values that they teach :)"  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon.  - "The warm, genuine and friendly personality made me feel more comfortable and ability to encourage me to open up. "  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon. - "Talking through day to day issues that are relatively minor things in grand scheme but affected me: relationship issues with colleagues and friends, in a confidential and non-judging style. Such issues not easy to discuss with friends. Expat culture shock and loan of culture resilience book - that was v enjoyable to read. Opportunity to «cry out» feelings (alot of crying in my sessions!) with feedback on my behaviour, approach - reflections with Nicola were always helpful and a «check in» from Nicola - reinforcing core values and beliefs and encouraging improvement in mood."  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon. - "For me personally I found very helpful especially the fact, that Dr. McCaffrey listened and was very patient to hear me out in whatever was on my mind. I can think more clearly and feel I can collect my thought and somehow go through what I sometimes find as mess in my mind, when I have an opportunity to think out loud, as it gives me better understanding to my own mental processes and it helps me with making decisions or keep me on the direction. Asking open questions I found very effective too."  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon. - "I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks for all your help during a time of mental/physical/emotional transition. I'm already looking back with a tremendous amount of appreciation for the journey into mindfulness that started with a visit with you. "  Les mer  Les mindre

DB - "With your guidance, life is fantastic. Every time I have been to you, I end up being happier because you show me a point of view in life that looks natural and smooth. A point of view that I don´t find it by myself. You create the calm in my mind, the well-being that I am not able to have alone. You are my role model and I know that it is not only the impressive professional background you have, but also the person you are. Let me thank you again for every word and every meaning you has given to me."  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon - "By teaching me the techniques of mindfulness you gave me the tools that I needed to control my fears"  Les mer  Les mindre

P - "You are relaxed, friendly and welcoming. This made the whole process so much easier for me and allowed me to open up abut something that was embarrassing to me"  Les mer  Les mindre

N - "Thank you for your help. I know it is your job but you have really helped me to understand and challenge my negative self-beliefs. I really feel I am getting somewhere now"  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon - "Please keep up the good work you are doing as it really can change lives"  Les mer  Les mindre

L - "You really made a difference"  Les mer  Les mindre

MP - "You are one of the most articulated, professional, and genuine people I have ever met. Thank you or your time and help"  Les mer  Les mindre

AH - "I am grateful for you and all of the help that you have given me - you certainly made a big difference in my life (for good)!"  Les mer  Les mindre

PM - "Nicola helped me to overcome my fear of flying, she was the first person that I spoke to that understood what I was going through every time I stepped on a plane"  Les mer  Les mindre

R - "I doubt I would be as I am now without your help and support"  Les mer  Les mindre

Anon - "It is great to feel alive again and enjoy everything that life throws at you"  Les mer  Les mindre

HM - "Making the decision to come and see you has been one of the best in my life. From the moment we met you out me at ease, and have continued to do so in all of our sessions, giving me encouragement, a listening ear, understanding the OCD and guiding me to take small steps at a time to overcome it"  Les mer  Les mindre

H - "You have honestly given me my life back"  Les mer  Les mindre

RH - "I can now laugh at all of the thoughts and worries I had before coming here"  Les mer  Les mindre

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