Dr. med. Laurids Kuhn - Lege, Coach, Psykoterapeut, Parterapeut, Hypnoterapeut, Familieterapeut, Veileder - GoMentor
Dr. med. Laurids Kuhn - Lege, Coach, Psykoterapeut, Parterapeut, Hypnoterapeut, Familieterapeut, Veileder

Dr. med. Laurids Kuhn

Lege, Coach, Psykoterapeut, Parterapeut, Hypnoterapeut, Familieterapeut, Veileder

Hos GoMentor foregår online-samtaler via en sikker og stabil online videoløsning, som er utviklet spesifikt til bruk for blant annet psykologer, psykoterapeuter og coacher.

Fordelene er blant annet ingen fysiske begrensninger, og at det ofte er litt billigere og kortere ventetid. GoMentors plattform til online-samtaler er stabil og sikker (kryptert), hvilket betyr at sikkerheten og fortroligheten er topp. Plattformen er godkjent av Dansk Psykoterapeutforening

Online-samtaler krever en internettforbindelse og kan foregå fra PC, Mac eller vår app til iPad og iPhone.

Medical doctor and psychotherapist experienced in therapy, stress reduction programs, mindfulness, meditation and couples therapy. Dr. med. Laurids Kuhn - Lege, Coach, Psykoterapeut, Parterapeut, Hypnoterapeut, Familieterapeut, Veileder


Is therapy for me?

You are very welcome to schedule an appointment if you are dealing with

depression, anxiety, panic, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, obesity etc.), sleeping disorders, stress related symptoms, burn out, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, sexual disorders.

If you need to work on you capacity to deal with difficult feelings, emotions or impulses like

anger, hatred, jealousy, self-harming behavior, difficulty in controlling your impulses, guilt and shame.

If you (as well as being a relative to someone) need support to cope with difficult and painful situations like

death and dying, loss, separation, chronic diseases, bullying ("mobbing"), violence, abuse.

It is time to work on your relationship with your partner if you experience repetitive destructive patterns or escalating conflicts. Or when there are difficult issues that need to be opened up and worked through. Or when you become aware that over time, and over all kinds of every day duties, you lost touch with your partner. The first and most helpful step is to ask your partner to go together to

couples therapy.

Of course you're welcome if you want to find out how to relax better and what is making you tense and stressed. Or your genuine interest in human development guides you to learning more about

mindfulness and meditation. 

And for business related issues it's good to have an experienced coach offering an external perspective for

personal coaching.

How do I work?

In my work you will find elements of psychodynamic therapy, systemic therapy and hypnotherapy, according to who you are and what is needed.

In addition I offer relaxation techniques, mindfulness and meditation as a way of settling. This is especially when working on difficult content.

I see all the pain and obstacles to live a fulfilled life as doorways to understand ourselves better. They can open up to new possibilities of being in the world. Then therapy can become an exciting and liberating adventure.

"It's important to see and understand the whole person with body, heart, mind and soul. We need to consider physical conditions in order to not overlook important symptoms. But we need as well to understand our emotional and mental functioning. They are all expressions of the same suffering soul."

The therapeutical field is characterized by openness and non-judgmental curiosity, confidentiality and friendly support for your healing and development. A safe place to relax into yourself and learn.

Who am I?

Graduation from medical school (University of Innsbruck, Austria, 1991)

Internal Medicine (Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim, Germany) 

Senior Physician ("overlege") in two Psychosomatic hospitals for almost 12 years.

Psychosomatic hospitals “fill the gap” between ambulatory treatment and psychiatric hospitals and deal with diagnoses such as depression, anxieties, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, burn out, pain disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

"I am a medical doctor ("lege") who enjoys applying medical knowledge, psychotherapeutic skills and human warmness for the benefit of my patients and clients. It's my dedication to support you on your way to becoming an excellent expert for your own personal growth, wellbeing and health."

Systemic and Family Therapy Training (Helm-Stierlin-Institute, Heidelberg, Germany)

Hypno-Therapeutic Training (Milton-Erickson-Institute, Heidelberg, Germany)

Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Coaching, Supervision and Team-Building additionally to my clinical work, first at “Milton-Erickson-Institute Heidelberg” then in my own office (Heidelberg and Weinheim, Germany)

Private medical office since 2007 Supervision, coaching and team-building services for companies and hospitals.

Since 2010 implementation and ongoing execution of the largest "life-in-balance-program" in Germany (Siemens AG), ongoing

Studies of Consciousness, Mindfulness and Meditation ("Ridhwan School for human development"), ongoing.

Medical doctor and psychotherapist?

There might be physical reasons for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorders, pain etc. And it might be wise to consider side effects of medication as well as taking the right accompanying blood samples.

"As a medical doctor I can support you in finding the best possible treatment. I can help you to find out if there are any medical interventions to be considered before or while engaging in therapy."

If needed I can help you to look for the right additional specialist or discuss results of medical examinations with you.

What else?

I can offer sessions in English and German.

"Some basic English is entirely sufficient! I am not a native speaker."

And I understand quite some Norwegian, Italian and Spanish.

Member of:

Den norske legeforening

Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

Ridhwan School for Human Development

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemische Pädagogik

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