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Gazala Shabbag - Psykoterapeut, Coach

Gazala Shabbag

Psykoterapeut, Coach

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Online terapi og coaching via GoMentor 24/7

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Skriv ubegrænset med mig 2 dage om ugen, når du har tid og lyst.

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Hold videosamtaler med meg når du har tid og lyst, alle hverdager (man-fre). Inkluderer 4 x 30 min. videosamtale pr. måned.

Hos GoMentor foregår online-samtaler via en sikker og stabil online videoløsning, som er utviklet spesifikt til bruk for blant annet psykologer, psykoterapeuter og coacher.

Fordelene er blant annet ingen fysiske begrensninger, og at det ofte er litt billigere og kortere ventetid. GoMentors plattform til online-samtaler er stabil og sikker (kryptert), hvilket betyr at sikkerheten og fortroligheten er topp. Plattformen er godkjent av Dansk Psykoterapeutforening

Du kan delta i online sesjoner via datamaskin, nettbrett eller telefon. Du kan også bruke vår app på IOS og Android.

GoMentor 24/7 er online plattform på GoMentor som tilbyr terapi og coaching online, og fungerer på samme måte som tradisjonell terapi og coaching.

Eneste forskjellen er at sesjoner på GoMentor 24/7 holdes online, hvor du har mulighet til å snakke om din situasjon og dine utfordringer gjennom videosamtale eller chat. Dette er avhengig av hvilke abonnement du velger å kjøpe.

Med GoMentor 24/7 sparer du både tid, energi og penger. Du behøver ikke å møte fysisk opp, hvilke gir deg mer fleksibilitet i din kalender. Og sist, men ikke minst, er GoMentor 24/7 billigere.

Fordeler med online veiledning og coaching:

  • Du har tilgang til en legitimert og kvalifisert mentor
  • Du kan forvente en enkel måte å kommunisere med din mentor på, via chat og/eller videosamtale gjennom sikker og kryptert plattform.
  • Du kan være i dialog med din mentor uavhengig av hvor du befinner deg.
  • Du kan planlegge sesjoner når det passer deg.
  • Du kan forvente et raskt svar fra din mentor.
  • Tradisjonell terapi er generell sett dyrere enn online terapi.
  • Du sparer tid og energi ved å slippe å ta fysisk over til din mentor.
  • Du får hjelp innenfor 24 timer. Du behøver ikke å vente i flere dager for å komme i dialog med din mentor, sammenliknet med tradisjonell terapi.

Online-samtaler kræver en internetforbindelse og kan tilgås fra PC, Mac eller vores app til iOS og Android.

Gazala Shabbag - Psykoterapeut, Coach


  • Do you struggle to find a balance between work and private life?

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Are you battling sickness and low energy levels?

  • Do you suffer from insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, pessimism and hopelessness, aches and pain, unexplained weight gain or loss?


I can help you!

I can help individuals to find power and resources in themselves to overcome any challenges whether physical, emotional or mental.

I use conversation with NLP techniques combined with exercises to create a desired outcome for my client. it is important that the client is open to suggestions and ready for change. NLP techniques can provide excellent tools for personal changes, help you erase sub conscious patterns of stress, anxiety, anger and depression.


Depression is overtaking back pain as the chief cause of absence from work. Depression and Anxiety are like flip sides of the same coin. Being depressed often makes you anxious and anxiety makes you depressed. If it turns out you have both condition there are lot of ways to get help.

Many of the Emotional and mental health issues people confront as adults begin to manifest in childhood and adolescence. Most children with significant depression show noticeable change in social activities, loss of interest in school and poor academic performance. Psychotherapy is first choice of treatment in most cases.

My approach

I approach psychotherapy from a holistic and integrative perspective. This means that I pay attention to clients thoughts and beliefs, emotions, and behavior, as well as mind-body interactions and spiritual life. I help people recover grow and thrive in their lives. I offer therapeutic counselling for those who are looking to heal their lives, confront their past, and navigate the future. I help teenagers, young adults and adults who see the benefit of working with a guide, motivator and good listener to achieve higher level of understanding and balance



My background

I am a 53 year old woman and have two grown up daughters. I live in Oslo. I am a certified life coach, Master practitioner of NLP and Doctor of Alternative medicine(psychotherapy and Naturopathy}.

My journey into the world of mental health began at an early age, as I attempted to navigate the terrain of an emotionally turbulent environment. Healing was a process of unlearning and relearning. Of challenging old beliefs and uncovering new truths. Yoga a system of physical and mental wellness that was developed more than 5,000 years ago India helped me in this journey I went onto pursue mental health, completing doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Indian board of Alternative Medicine. In my work as a coach and counsellor, I also draw on my background from more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and health industry.


I have worked with women and children also individual with various challenges to overcome their limiting belief change their behavioral patterns and achieve a more fulfilling positive life.


  • I am a n M. D in Alternative medicine (Psychotherapy and Naturopathy).
  • Master practitioner in NLP.( Neuro linguistic programming ) 

Feel free to contact me for an appointment!


CHITRA NARI BHOTE - "About less then a years ago, Due to series of unfortunate events in my life, I had reached a very low point/ Emotionally, mentally and physically drained. I reached out to Gazala. Over the past six months, Gazala has helped me experience growth that for me was unimaginable. I am learning to identify and arrest addictive behaviors, replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. Practicing self love has helped me in becoming my BEST SELF. I am finally learning to be truly happy, healthy and whole, I totally attribute my growth to working with Gazala. Her talent lies in her ability to assist you in identifying the source of your pain or whatever it is that may be holding you back.she accompanies you on the path of self healing and provides the tools necessary to complete the journey. i am every day grateful for this gifts."  Les mer  Les mindre

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