Skrevet d. 11-4-2019 17:59:42 af Gazala Shabbag - Psykoterapeut, Coach

For a long time, the chemical imbalance theory has been propagated in mental illness. But recent studies have shown that there is simply no way of measuring neuro-chemicals in living brain. The 'chemical imbalance' theory does not explain how the chemical imbalance happens.  The claim that depression is due to low serotonin, schizophrenia due to abnormal levels of dopamine but the theory fails to explain why there is a drop or elevation.

As soon as someone accepts the concept that their emotional difficulties or experiences are due to chemical imbalance then they believe they have to take a pill to correct it, and nothing else will do. They have reason to believe that psychotherapy or other interventions will correct the imbalance

Research has shown that three times as many people as therapy as pills across different countries, age group and types of problem. Even psychiatrist three times as many would choose therapy for what they recommend for their patients

It does not matter who you are, you want to talk to someone about your life and your hurts.   The truth is, it is the caring that heals people and not just the pills. A good therapist can help you cope with your feelings, solve problems and change the behavioral patterns in a positive manner.

My coaching helps you navigate difficult life situations such as depression and anxiety due to loss of jobs, breakups, divorce, death in a family and confronting life-threatening illness. This will help you achieve long-lasting physical and mental well-being, helping you align your thoughts, behavior and values ​​to bringing you peace and happiness.

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