Let me tell you a little story.

Skrevet d. 16-1-2020 09:48:40 af Maria Andreasson-Medina - Coach, Veileder

Imagine that you are standing in front of two doors. The door to your left is grey and the door to your right is green. You look down to your hand and see that you have two keys, one is grey, and one is green, opening the door to each one of them. You start to wonder that is behind the both doors and you take the grey key and put it in the keyhole and open the door seeing your future the way you know it. Behind this door you see how you are waiting for a promotion, knowing that life sometimes gets in the way, but you accept it, waiting for others to make their move so you can decide what move you want to make. You see yourself waking up in the morning like you do every day. Not bad but not that excited either, it's just time for work. Work to get money and to spend it on bills. Well you know the feeling, it is what you know, and you feel safe with that feeling. You lock the door and start looking at the green key. What its behind that one?

Curious you open the green door and behind there you get strike by a different feeling. You can feel excitement and joy. You see yourself working with the thing you most want and are embracing the change and being ok with that. It’s a feeling of looking forward to starting the day with energy and seeing challenge like a natural part of life knowing that whatever comes you can deal with it. Having the confidence that you are in control and feeling free to be you. Loving your life every day. Finding your ultimate way of freedom. You can feel yourself wanting this, but you close the door and start thinking. What are my choices?

So what is your choice?

If you take the grey key like almost 95 % of the population does you will find yourself being in the same spot in a year like today. If you pick the green key and go for what you truly want. I can you show you that this is possible and that it is a science behind achieving your success and abundance.

Both doors are real life, it’s only up to you which one you choose. 

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