Meditation in Business

Skrevet d. 6-11-2018 10:58:30 af Richa Chandra - Coach, Veileder, Karriereveileder

1200 entrepreneurs and business owners were in South Africa and I had the honor to tell them how I use meditation to enhance my intuition and use that to take business decisions.

Meditation has always been a big part of my life and I have always listen to my intuition before taken any big and defining decisions. So when I my intuition told me to quite my job in 2015 and start my own firm, all the pieces of the puzzle fell easily in place, by themselves. The right people just walked into my life and work by my side to lift my companies as if the companies were their’s. Side by side they worked with me almost for free because they believed in me and I in them. The customers found me and I did not have to do much marketing. Referrals and word of mouth was enough for us to get going.

Steve Jobs said “Intuition is much more powerful then intellect”. To able to just rely on intellect we must ave all the facts and information and sometimes we can not see it all. Where as intuition has information and foresight of the future, I would boldly state. In many incidents my intuition has tried to tell me something, but I have over looked it and I have regretted it later. I will also say that one needs intellect to read intuitions signs and make the right decisions.

That comes with practice. Practice of reading the signals out intuition is sending us. 

How do one practice?

By meditating.

Many people asks me how I can sit still and not thing about anything. Or they have all sort of excuses of why they can not concentrate since they have too much energy! My answer for that is: You have not found the right of meditation techniquethat suites you! 

Sometimes one need a coach, an guide, a teacher that can tell you what kind of meditation will give you the best results.

There are so many free videos of guided meditation on Youtube, like there are many videos about succeed in business. But if you do not know how those videos are often more confusing than enlightening. We would willingly pay thousands to a business coach because they can guaranty that you will earn back that amount and more so. We hesitate to pay a life coach, or meditation coach even though they can guaranty you the best partnership and deal you will every make; with yourself!But since you will not see a profit in terms of money most people try to meditate by themselves. And since they are not result orientated when they meditate they loos interest and stop, or never starts.

Find out what you wish to achieve by meditating. What is our goal?

Enhance you intuition? – Make the right decision?

Please of mind?

Health benefits?

Deeper sleep?

Or just connect with our self and out emotions?

What every you goal is do not give up.

You have all the answers and foresight, you just need to crack the code!

If you wish to make the right decisions in out business and life; Practice! -Meditate!

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