Benefits of meditation – REDUCTIONS OF MEMORY LOSS

Skrevet d. 25-1-2019 14:21:51 af Richa Chandra - Coach, Veileder, Karriereveileder

One may be in a position to keep his/her mind young by boosting his/her attention and maintaining clear thoughts.
Kirtan Kriya is a meditation technique that puts together a chant or mantra and a continuous motion of the fingers to help center the thoughts. It significantly ameliorated the ability of the people who took part, to carry out memory duties in quite a number of studies associated with the loss of memory.
Additionally, an examination of 12 studies brought out the fact that many meditation styles helped improve
attention, memory and mental strength in aged people who participated.

Besides the fight against memory loss associated with age, meditation is also capable of ameliorating
memory in those suffering from dementia. It also assists in the regulation of stress and ameliorates the
coping in those taking care of family members or even friends suffering from dementia.
The boosted focus that one gain through habitual meditation enables one to expand his/her memory and
mental clarity. These advantages contribute to the fight against memory loss associated with age and

Since my children's birth I have experienced memory loss. We always talk about memory loss in the process of aging but there are other significant events in our lives that also can cause memory loss. Most of the times they reversible and in my experience meditation has been the best tool to do so. There are many various techniques which can be used to enhance and strengthen the memory. In my youth I have used Silva Methods techniques which is to relate words to pictures. In my adulthood I started to anchor episodes, To do-lists and important subjects to my emotions and a physical movement, and used that as a trigger. Slowly I started to trigger my memory and it became stronger and it became easier to remember and recall information when I needed it. 

It takes practice and determination, but with meditation and good techniques everything is possible. 

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