Children and meditaion

Skrevet d. 13-11-2018 10:34:04 af Richa Chandra - Coach, Veileder, Karriereveileder

As children, we wish to have carriers that are exciting and seems like fun. A game. Something that excites us and we have a blind faith in ourselves that we can make it! Of course, we could be a firefighter, an astronaut, a rock star, a ballerina, a hairdresser, or doctors that would just cure people without taking any fee.

The faith that everything was possible was very strong.

But what have changed?

Is the possibility of you succeeding that have changed, the faith in yourself or have you been listening more to other people`s guidance then your inner voice?

Those people that keep on listen to their inner guides are the once that are truly happy. They might have struggled, get their but their blind faith on their guidance have lead them to success. Today I talked to a young man how had sold out his dream of becoming a police officer, since someone close to him had said it is a difficult field to get job inn. Instead of listening to his inner guide and his inner child, this young man was listening to authorities and second-guessing himself. The authority person`s intentions were good and usually we just want to guide the next generation to a better life.

If we are guiding the young once then there are a few things we would keep in mind:


  • Intention — With meditating or teach them to focus on the inner mind and voice is the first step. By teaching them to listen, they will soon understand their signals, and can easily and quickly decipher them.  As they understand the signals they can act on it and one step in the right direction will guide them to the next. Slowly they will build a confidence and they reach their goals, and fulfil their dreams. They will live the life they dreamt of as kids.


  • Reinsuring and reminding- As parents we have the responsibility to help he kids to blossom and become the wonderful people they were born to be. But often what happens is that mould them to adjust to the society because it is very convenient if everyone were equal. When my son was very young, he had a sense of who he was. He know he was someone very important and he use to tell me that he was someone how will make a difference. As he grew older, he lost his confidence and the ability to listen to himself and he constantly needed other people’s validation. I have to keep on reminding him to dig deeper in his inner universe for the right answers. I have to him listen quietly and then make him understand his intuition.


  • Affirmation- Help them to create one or two sentences with words that are powerful for them. The words my 14 years old will use are not the same as my 9 years old kid will use. That’s why guide them to find the words that gives them the power, the drive and anker them in their body. We jump a lot. That way they get energize and they feel good by just think about the sentences. When they are down, they will automatically say the words and feel happy.


  • Listen- The most important is to listen to the children. They will tell you how they feel, or what they are thinking it. Sometimes they just need someone to listen about their challenges and their struggle of finding the solution that would please them and everyone else. That is not the time for guiding, it is time for listening! Just listen! When they are finished and they need guidance they will ask for it.

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