General benefits of meditation

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Some of the benefits of meditation include:
 Reduction of stress
 Anxiety control
 Promotion of emotional health
 Enhancement of self – awareness
 Increment of attention span
 Reduction of memory loss associated with age
 Generation of kindness and happiness
 Significant in the fight against addictions
 Contribution to a better sleep
 Reduction of high blood pressure
 Control of pain
 Maintenance of healthy relationships

The mental discipline that one may develop because of
habitual meditation significantly helps one to stay away from
the various dependencies by strengthening your self-control
and knowledge of the various causes of the addictive behaviors
(Steven, Victoria, Marsha 2004)
Research has clearly indicated that habitual meditation may help people suffering from various addictions to know how to channel their attention to other things, master their emotions and impulses, strengthen their will power and further their comprehension of the reasons for their addictions. A particular study took 19 recovering alcohol addicts through the process of meditation; found out that the participants who were part of the training were able to later on master their longings and longing associated with stress.

Meditation may also help a person to regulate their longing for food. An analysis of 14 studies clearly brought out the fact that deep meditation contributed to the minimization of emotional and binge eating amongst the people who participated (Katterman et al., 2014)
Meditation, therefore, helps one developmental discipline and willpower and can contribute to the avoidance of the causes of unwanted impulses. This may help a person to get over an addiction, lose some weight and even replace the detested habits with more fulfilling ones.

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