What do we struggle with the most?

Skrevet d. 25-1-2019 21:00:11 af May Britt Lian - Reg. Tankefeltterapeut MNLH, NLP Master Coach, Veileder

"There are three fears we struggle with the most:
  • The fear of failure
  • The fear of success
  • And the fear of judgment
The center of all of those fears is “I am not enough.”
When we get past that, we can step into anything!
People-pleasing is also an issue a lot of us face.
"It’s crazy how we can allow one person’s opinion of us to hold us back." - Rachel Hollis
How do you learn how to STOP reaching out to a stranger or someone you have rejected you over and over, when the person you are yearning the most to connect with is YOU?

This is only some of what I do as a coach because reaching out for a quick fix when the solutions is YOU, won`t work! - YOU are worthy of YOU and not pleasing anybody else!

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