Make and ordinary day special and live in the presence

Skrevet d. 26-6-2019 13:34:18 af Cathleen Lackner - Coach, Helsecoach, Veileder

One ordinary day after the other, weeks and months go by. Then once in a while, the moment to hold still and wonder how the time just flew by without our notice. Therefore it’s great once in a while to hold on and make an ordinary day special. 

 Have you ever felt that way? I for sure have.

 Therefore it’s great to take the opportunity once in a while to see how you can make a normal day something really memorable. Yes, it takes some energy and creativity, that said if you start looking you will find opportunities everywhere.

And if you’re anything like me, the best part is that you go with a smile to bed, feeling reenergized and joyful. And that’s a great feeling to foster.

 It’s true; it takes some practice to step out of the everyday rush and look for opportunities. But it’s worth it. Also, many parents mention that once their kids are older, they wished to be more present when the kids were young and needed more attention.

Creating special moments in ordinary days is a great way to foster relationships, communication, and joy. These memories will last a lifetime.

To spark your imagination, here are some ideas to break out of routine

  •  Decide to take a few extra minutes in the morning and prepare a special breakfast together (it doesn’t need to be fancy, just something different)
  •          Listen to some new music on the way to work and drive a different way to work
  •           Play a game in the car with your child
  •          Call a friend to meet up for lunch
  •        Go outside for lunch and soak up the sun
  •        Meet up with friends for an unplanned BBQ in the evening
  •       Is there a beach waiting for you? Could you just grab some sandwiches or BBQ food and head out to the beach for an hour and two. Play with your kids and build a big sand castle. Or just lay back in the sand and chill our, reenergize.
  •         No beach close by, go to a park for a picnic
  •          A walk or hike in nature is always great to ground yourself and reboot
  •          Go swimming

These are only a few examples to give you some ideas.

And funnily enough, the idea of this blog post came to me, exactly on such a day. It was a normal day, and we decided to turn it upside down.

 After work, we decided we want fresh air and took a trip to an amazing sand beach 40 minutes away from where we live.

The weather wasn’t perfect; it was windy and cloudy. That said we put some windbreakers, rainboots on, packed some food and went for it.

As the saying goes, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”.

We danced with our rain boots in the water, build a sand castle, had some sandwiches and finished our trip by laying on the beach, grounding ourselves and looking at the clouds making up stories. We came home relaxed, joyful, and happy.

 Our beach trip is now a few weeks old, but I still remember it as it was yesterday and it reminds me that living the life of our dreams is happening in the small moments and making these moments to last and special.

 Hus, Kisses, and Chocolate


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