Skrevet d. 27-2-2019 13:30:47 af Cathleen Lackner - Coach, Helsecoach, Veileder

Happy New Year !!! A fresh, clean start.

I hope you enjoyed your days off, celebrated Christmas and the New Year. It’s gonna be a great one.

Personally, I’m happy that 2018 is over, it was one big Rollercoaster ride, too many sleepless nights and often feeling more tired and unfocused than I wanted to.

I’m excited to welcome the New Year and all its possibilities of rejuvenation and connection.

And to set the tone for the year, I love choosing my WORD OF THE YEAR. Play with different options until I find the ONE word that feels great.

The word of the year is like a shining star that can guide you on your journey through 2019. Help you prioritize your activities, guide you on what to say no and yes too. Help you take up new habits or get rid of some that don’t serve you anymore.

Have you chosen your word of the year yet?

My word of the year in 2019 is “Let Go” (I know it’s two words).

For me letting go stands for releasing the negative thoughts and fears that come up once in a while and stop me from living my dreams.

Further, I’m letting go of all my worries and second-guessing my choices both private and in business.

Letting go for me also means prioritizing, and only taking on a few tasks and hobbies instead of trying to do it all and saying yes to too many things.

Letting go means to me to live even more in the moment, soaking up and creating all these beautiful moments with my son, partner, friends and in my work that make life worth living. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but a girl can have its dreams and visions.

The word of the year is my guiding star to check-in on -am I on the right track.

Will this be good for my family and me or is it just one of these noisy opportunities or activities that I feel obliged to rather than want to do.

Don’t know how to choose your word of the year?

What is important for you in 2019? Or what would you like to do or start? When you close your eyes and think that everything is possible, what comes up?

Your word of the year could be to do less, to simplify or expand, to grow, health or family or to dream big. Whatever rocks your boat.

“Back to nature” is the word (or in this case a sentence) of a close friend for the year 2019. It’s beautiful — all about simplifying, focusing on family and building close connections and of course spending time outside.

Talk soon,


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