Finding Calm As a Mother - GoMentor
Cathleen Lackner - Coach, Helsecoach, Veileder

Finding Calm As a Mother

Cathleen Lackner

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14-2-2019 20:00
1 time og 30 minutter – 150 kr.
OmYoga, Fabrikkveien 13, Molde, 6415, Norway Se profil

Finding Calm As a Mother

It's hard to imagine the overwhelm, exhaustion and panic you can feel at times as a mother until you become a mom yourself.
As a mom, we have so much on our plates, and we're expecting from us to do it all. It can be challenging to spend time with your children, prepare dinner and lunch boxes, wash the big piles of cloth, soothe your crying baby while your toddler is throwing a tantrum. Sometimes everything seems to happen all at once.
And it isn't how we imagined it to be.

As moms, we often feel stressed, worried and trying to get more things done than humanly possible. We're making the decisions at home, and giving our attention constantly to others.
It seems challenging to feel calm and focused and live the life how you envisioned it before children.

Are you one of us?

Then this workshop is the right opportunity for you!
During this workshop you will:
• Set your vision
• Plan your goals
• Gain clarity that you need to set the right goals
• Create your calendar for success
• Set clear boundaries and learn how to say no
• Learn mental clarity
• Create your stress response

You're invited to an evening full of diving into the beauty of parenting. You are learning new tools to gain clarity and connection every day.

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